We are a Team…

We are a company.

When you think of that word, think of us as your companions on this journey to make a difference to our customers and our community.

Here are some things you should know:

1. We’re glad you’re here. You were hired on purpose to be a part of this team. Always remember that.

2. None of us knows everything. It’s always okay to ask questions.

3. There will be good days. Celebrate them. There will be bad days. Accept them.

4. If you can’t work, it’s okay to go home. If you’re sick, go get help.

5. Take vacations. We won’t call you while you’re away, and don’t call us. Recharge and renew, and come back refreshed.

6. Experience elsewhere is just as valuable as experience here. All ideas are welcome, and the quality of the idea is what will be evaluated—not its source.

7. Time is the most precious resource. Respect our time, respect your own time, and help us to make good decisions about how we spend time together.

8. Having fun is not the opposite of being responsible. Enjoy your work, but do your work—even the parts you don’t enjoy.

9. If you’re unhappy, talk to someone. If it’s time to for you to move on, let us know so we can help you find what’s next.

10. We’re a team. Let’s communicate, collaborate, and win!

Thanks to Robby Slaughter of AccelaWork for this great list!